Even though you may have hired a highly respected professional roofing company for your last roof replacement job, snow and ice damage can wreak havoc on the common roof. Unfortunately, some roof problems are bound to happen if you live in an area with occasional extreme weather.

If you are an avid do-it-yourselfer, you might be interested in learning how to use your garage-full of tools to perform routine maintenance on your roof.

Here are some of the most common roofing problems you might encounter.

Common Roofing Issues

Roof Leaks

Unless you are on your roof regularly, you may not know that there’s a problem until you notice a leak or water stains inside your home.

One of the problems with fixing a leaking roof – especially if it is a small leak– is that you may have problems identifying the source of the problem.

Roof leaks are known to occur in the following areas:

  • Near the chimney
  • Around the gutters
  • Around skylights
  • Around the venting pipes
  • Under damaged or broken shingles
  • At flashing points

As you can see, finding a roof leak isn’t as easy as locating missing shingles and replacing them. Damaged shingles might have caused your roof failure, but chances are the leak was caused by something more subtle and harder to spot.

Damaged Flashing

While flashing problems can cause leaks, cracked or loose flashing is a problem on its own. After all, cracked or loose flashing will eventually become vulnerable to water and moisture and lead to costly repairs.

The problem with fixing cracked flashing is that you might need to remove some of the surrounding shingles to correct the problem. Unfortunately, removing shingles to fix flashing issues may lead to other problems for an amateur roofer.

Clogged Gutters

A lot can go wrong with gutters. If they are broken or clogged, the water on your roof won’t have anywhere to go. In that case, the moisture might eventually seep into the eaves, which can lead to rot and structural problems.

Hire a Roofing Contractor to Help

While we certainly don’t want to squash your DIY spirit, roofing problems are best left to the professional roofer.

For one reason, improper repairs can cause more problems. You would have to watch hours of YouTube videos to figure out how your roofing materials work together. And even then, each home is different. It takes a lot of skill to keep awkward areas sealed.

Another reason you should depend on a professional to help you with your roof repairs is that you are putting yourself in serious danger each time you climb on your roof. Roofing is a dangerous industry, and many homeowners fall each year in an attempt to save money on roof maintenance and repair tasks.

Finally, hiring a professional to perform a roof inspection has never been easier. Schedule a free roof inspection with AmeriPro Roofing today!

We know you have a garage full of tools that you are excited to use. However, do-it-yourself roof maintenance and repair are not recommended.