How to Navigate:

Roof Damage &
Insurance Claims*

Navigating the insurance claim process for roof damage can be time-consuming and stressful!*

Insurance adjusters, roofing contractors, and in some cases, your mortgage company can make a homeowner pull their hair out in frustration. AmeriPro Roofing is experienced in managing the insurance claim process and getting your home back to normal quickly!*

Know Your Insurance Policy!

As with any insurance policy, some things are covered and some things are not. Purposely knocking a hole in your roof will not be covered. Storm damage most likely, will be covered. But exclusions aren’t always that cut and dry, as each insurance provider covers roof damage differently. Check your policy to find out if yours has any of these common exclusions:

  • Has your roof been properly maintained?
    Insurance companies will often inspect the damage detailed in your claim. If your provider determines that the damage was due to, or had a contributing factor, of improper roof maintenance, you’ll be responsible for the replacement costs.*
  • Certain roofing materials may not be covered
    Some insurance policies won’t cover certain roofing materials, such as slate, recycled shakes, or other “green” materials because of the extra maintenance costs.
  • How old is your roof?

    Insurance companies will not provide roof replacements that are nearing the end of their expected lifespan, and may only cover part of the expense for a roof older than 10 years old. Every insurance policy and company is different.

    In previous roof repairs, if you have placed new shingles over old, the insurance policy may not cover it, as most insurers won’t insure a roof with more than two layers of roofing material.

    Repair vs. full replacement: In some cases, homeowner’s insurance will cover only roof repairs but not a complete replacement. Typically, insurance covers repairs, such as shingles missing after a storm.

  • If you haven’t already been doing so, you need to properly maintain your roof. AmeriPro can help!
  • Have your roof inspected regularly by a trained roofing professional who can watch for areas that need repair.
  • Keep the roof clear of debris, such as leaves and sticks. And keep those gutters clean!
  • Remove any dead trees on your property that could possibly fall on your roof.