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Whether you’ve noticed drips during stormy weather, discolorations on your ceiling or walls, missing shingles, or other problems, the experts at AmeriPro Roofing are here to inspect your roof and determine what repairs are needed.

As an Owens-Corning Platinum Preferred Certified Contractor, we’ve been the team in your corner since 2000 for all of your roofing needs, and we’re proud to be able to offer a complete range of roof repair services.

Roof Inspection

At AmeriPro Roofing we will provide a comprehensive FREE roof inspection, which also includes checking the structural integrity of your roof to ensure it’s still intact.

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Wind Damage

High winds during storms and tornadoes can wreak havoc on your roof, causing damage to your shingles, loosening them, or even worse. AmeriPro Roofing responds quickly so we can inspect the damage and make the necessary repairs before the damage becomes an even bigger issue.

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Wood Rot Repair

If you have discovered wood rot around your roof or windows, you need to get professional help to keep it from spreading throughout your home’s structure. Wood rot can cause serious damage to your home and negatively impact its value. AmeriPro Roofing is here to stop that from happening with our services that specialize in roof repairs to prevent future wood rot.

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Roof & Ice Damage

Ice dams that build up on your roof can cause serious damage. Water underneath the ice dams can flow into your home and cause leaks. The weight of ice can also cause roofs to collapse. AmeriPro Roofing’s team of expert contractors can repair the damage and help prevent ice dams from forming in the future.

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What Our Customers
Are Saying

“I couldn’t be happier with all the professionals at AmeriPro Roofing. From the time they gave me my roofing estimate, to the way they explained every single thing they were going to do, their service was outstanding. The repairs went exactly as they promised, and they stayed on schedule, and answered every question I had, and I had a lot of them. They treated me like a human being, instead of a person who filled their quota.”
“We wanted to improve the look of our home with new siding, but we had no clue what colors to use, or what materials would work best. Our contact at AmeriPro Roofing was so patient and treated us with respect and kindness. We had a lot of questions, and we got the right answers every time. I was nervous about this project, but the vinyl siding is beautiful, and the color we chose just pops like you wouldn’t believe. Worth every penny.”
“Our roof needed replacing, and I had called a bunch of other roofers near me. Some were really pushy, and others treated me like I was stupid. The guy at AmeriPro Roofing was a total pro. He was a straight shooter, listened before he talked, and told me he couldn’t give me any kind of estimate until he did an inspection. After the free inspection, I was sold, and I figure to get another 30 years out of this brand-new roof. Couldn’t be happier with AmeriPro Roofing.”

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