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Hail Damage Strikes

Hail damage can be much worse than you think!

Hail may seem small, but the damage it causes can be significant. A  hail storm can harm roof shingles and other roof elements, leading to damage within your home. You can keep your home safe with hail damage roof repairs from AmeriPro Roofing.

What Should You Do If You Suspect Hail Damage?

If you suspect any sort of damage to your roof, follow these steps:

  • Inspect your property: Look around the exterior of your home and assess the damage. Are there dents in your gutters? How is the siding of your house? If there is significant damage to other parts of your home, your roof probably has damage, too.

  • Call a professional: Have a reliable roofing company do a hail damage roof inspection. The team at AmeriPro Roofing can safely evaluate your roof and give you an accurate account of the damage.

  • Contact your insurance: Most homeowners insurance covers hail damage to roofs, so you’ll want to contact them to review the damage. Be sure to document the damage for the claim.

While your insurance company will perform its own inspection, we recommend you also have a professional roofing company perform an independent inspection to ensure proper diagnosis of the issues. At AmeriPro Roofing, in addition to inspecting your roof, we will also check vents and other fixtures that may require repair or replacement.

Hail Covering a Roof