When the Unthinkable Happens,

AmeriPro is There
for You

You depend on the roof of your house to protect your family and possessions. When disaster strikes, AmeriPro Roofing offers the emergency roofing services you need to keep your roof secure and your family safe.

Whether a tree falls on your house in the middle of the night or high storm winds tear your roof apart, we can provide fast and effective emergency roof repairs.

AmeriPro Roofing has years of experience handling insurance companies. We will work with your insurance company by providing roof inspection reports and documentation, helping you through every step.*

What Should I Do in An Emergency Roof Repair Situation?

In a roofing emergency, remember these points:

  • Stay off of the roof: A damaged roof is extremely dangerous. Let a trained and qualified professional be the first to go up and inspect your roof.

  • Remain calm: The situation is understandably stressful, but do your best to keep a clear, calm mind. The damage is already done, so the best you can do now is move forward.

  • Protect the interior: Prevent leaks and further damage by using plastic sheeting or tarping under parts of your damaged roof. If there is extensive damage to your home, carefully move valuable items to a safer location.

  • Inspect the damage from a distance: From the ground, note possible damage from trees or limbs. Evaluate whether your home is in danger of more damage from falling debris and ensure your family has a safe place to stay.

Call for an Emergency Roof Repair

The most important step to take in an emergency is to call a professional. AmeriPro Roofing is a 24/7 roofing company near you. You can rely on us when disaster strikes, whatever time of day or night. Our emergency response team will quickly come to your home to assess the situation and contain or minimize further damage to protect your family and possessions.

We’ll do our best to help you return home as soon as the weather conditions allow. Team members will secure the situation and schedule a time to come back and conduct an extensive inspection. We’ll work with you to make plans for repairs or replacements and help with filing homeowner’s insurance claims due to storm damage.*

How to Tell if You Have a Roofing Emergency

A roofing emergency involves any damage that compromises the roof’s ability to keep out water and other elements. If your home’s interior or attic is exposed to the weather due to your roof, you’ll want to call for emergency roof repair services.

A roofing emergency also includes anything that poses a risk to your house’s structural integrity. If your property and family are in danger from a collapse, you need an emergency repair.

The location of a leak or hole may also determine whether you have a roofing emergency. A small water leak in your living room may be something that could wait, but a leak next to your fuse box will require immediate professional attention.

What Are Common Causes of Roofing Emergencies?

Common reasons you may experience a roofing emergency include:

  • Wind: Storm winds or wind shears may blow shingles off, exposing layers of your roof or your attic to the elements.

  • Trees: Branches may rub or fall on the roof to cause structural damage.

  • Fire: Whether from inside or outside the home, fire can cause flame or heat damage to your shingles.

  • Pests: Rodents or other animals may chew their way inside your roof and create large holes.

  • General wear: Problems may arise due to natural wear from weather and UV radiation.

  • Water: Ice dams can lead to water leaks.