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Gutter Guards

By keeping your gutters clear and free of debris, you prevent water from backing up and seeping into your home.

Most people know that a gutter system is important because it collects water from the roof and channels it safely away from your home. But it does more than keep it away from the foundation—a functioning gutter system will also keep water from getting into the roof and under siding where it can cause wood damage.

Over time, gutters get clogged from the buildup of debris; leaves, sticks, and even the occasional baseball. Gutter guards are important to prevent these buildups. They allow water to flow through the gutters while keeping debris out. And with gutter guards installed, maintenance is reduced, meaning gutters need to be cleaned less often, and it’s much easier to clean them when needed.

Gutter Guard Types

If you’re considering whether gutter inserts are a worthwhile investment for your property, take a look at the benefits of a high-quality gutter guard installation and what it can do for your home:

  • Gutter Screen
  • Gutter Cover
  • Leaf Filter
  • Leaf Screen
  • Gutter Brush

Inserts are the most cost-effective option and the easiest to install by pretty much anyone. They simply drop down into your existing gutter. No installation beyond that, and no skills or tools required. They are typically made out of a foam, wire mesh and have a porous-like quality to them. While they are the cheapest option, they are also the highest maintenance, because they have to be pulled out and cleaned or else they’ll clog with fine debris and lose efficacy.

Of the three types of gutter guards, screens are the most popular. They cover your existing gutter with a screen that allows water to pass through while blocking debris. Like all gutter guards, screens will need to be removed and cleaned routinely as well. Screens vary in cost and installation expenses.

Gutter toppers are the most expensive option but also the most effective and lowest maintenance. They have a curved or dome shape, typically, and provide protection over the top of the gutter. They divert water over and around into a small slit between the gutter and the topper. Most toppers require maintenance like all gutter guards.

Is the Cost of Gutter Guards Worth It?

This may seem like a big investment initially, but it can save you money by removing the necessity for professional cleaning and can help prevent water damage, which often results in expensive roof repairs.

Top 10 Benefits Of Gutter Guard Installations

For the most part, there are three major types: inserts, screens, and toppers. Gutter guards go by many names, including the following:

  • Lower maintenance needs: If you don’t have gutter brush guards, we recommend clearing your gutters twice yearly. Gutter toppers eliminate the time-consuming task of clearing gutter debris.
  • Prevent roof damage: Gutter screens keep your gutters clean and clear, giving you confidence that they’re operational and actively preventing roof damage.
  • Help save money: Preventive maintenance will help you avoid water ingress, which could result in costly roof damage if left unattended. You also save money in the long term since gutter guard screens reduce the need for routine gutter cleaning services.
  • Deter ice dams: Ice dams can form when water becomes trapped in your gutters during the winter, resulting in cracked or damaged gutters. Gutter guards can help prevent debris accumulation and deter ice dams from forming.
  • Keep you and your loved ones safe: Cleaning gutters involves working at heights and can be dangerous. Gutter guards prevent the need to hire a professional or get up on a ladder and clear your gutters, saving money and keeping you and your loved ones safe.
  • Prevent rust and corrosion: Wet leaves and other debris sitting inside your gutters can cause their channels and drains to corrode and rust. A gutter brush guard keeps debris out so your gutters remain rust-free and fully functional.
  • Block pest infestations: A gutter guard protects your most valuable investment from infestations. Unguarded gutters are breeding grounds for pests like spiders and mosquitos since they hold stagnant water and moist debris. Additionally, the hiding spaces created by unguarded gutters attract squirrels, mice, bats and other vermin, which can infiltrate your roof’s fascia boards to enter your home.
  • Reduce the risk of house fires: Dry debris sitting in your roof’s gutters can also cause complications. Embers from nearby fires can contact the dry debris in your gutters and ignite. Gutter leaf screens prevent this buildup.
  • Improve water flow: Water overflow from heavy rainfall could cause water to seep into your roof or your home’s foundation, leading to costly complications. Gutter guards improve water flow to protect your foundation.
  • Prolong your gutters’ life span: A professionally installed rain gutter cover will keep your gutters in excellent condition, effortlessly prolonging their life and helping you maintain your home’s aesthetic appeal.
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RainDrop Pro Gutter Guards

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AmeriPro Roofing is proud to partner with RainDrop Gutter Guards as a Certified Installer to provide you with the most advanced gutter guard system on the market today.

  • Fits on every home
  • Handles all water amounts
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Virtually invisible
  • Controls ice problems

For more information or to request a quote for RainDrop Gutter Guards from AmeriPro Roofing, call us toll-free at 833-77-AMPRO ext. 1012 or submit a quote request to get in touch with a qualified Project Advisor.

AmeriPro Roofing has decades of experience in gutter installation, repair, and yes, gutter guards! Call us today to learn more, schedule an appointment, or for us to inspect your home and see if new gutters, or gutter guards, will help!

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