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Ridge Vents & Roof Ventilation

AmeriPro Roofing installs soffit, gable, & ridge vents for worry-free attic ventilation!

Keeping your roof leak-free and your house dry is important, but it’s not the only step you can take to look after your property. A well-ventilated roof can protect your home, too. Roof ventilation can help lower heating and cooling costs, prevent weather damage and ensure the long-lasting use of your roof.

When you want to keep your home safe, AmeriPro Roofing can help. We perform roof ventilation installations and repairs so you can better enjoy the look of your roof and the comfort of your home.

Why is Roof Ventilation Important?

Adequate roof ventilation is critical to the overall maintenance and protection of your home.

Improving Airflow

A roof vent has an air space beneath it that allows for air to pass along the top of the building under the roof and escape. A ridge vent installation will reduce moisture and stagnate air, helping to protect your roof and home from damage.

Keeping the Roof Cool

Vents allow hot air to escape from under your roof, keeping the surface cooler throughout the year. Without a vent, the hot air would be trapped inside your roof, causing shingles to break down quickly in the summer. In the winter, snow on your roof could melt and form ice dams, leading to water leaks.

Reducing Humidity Levels

Proper ventilation prevents mold, wood rot and mildew growth within your roof by decreasing the moisture trapped in the area. With ventilation, your roof will have lower humidity levels that will protect it from mold or rot damage.

Saving Energy

Proper insulation combined with a strong ventilation system keeps the air in your attic out of your home and reduces your heating and cooling costs. Hot air can escape, reducing the demand on your air conditioner during the summer and preventing melted snow during the winter.

More Benefits of Roof Ventilation

In addition to improving airflow throughout your roof, ventilation systems: