It’s never fun getting stuck in a storm, and it’s worse if it causes considerable damage to your home. 

You have to pick up the pieces, check in with friends, and call the insurance to get rates on repairs. Getting an insurance-paid roof replacement can be confusing for homeowners, especially if you’ve never filed a damage claim before. But there are a few easy steps to get started and make it as painless a process as possible.*

Step 1: Contact AmeriPro About the Damage

As soon as you suspect that a storm or other natural disaster has caused damage to your home, call AmeriPro and let us know that you are about to contact your insurer and set up an appointment with an adjuster. This brief call accomplishes two things: 

  1. It lets your AmeriPro restoration specialist get ready to assess your roofing situation.
  2. This lets us know if you have identified any obvious signs of storm damage.

At AmeriPro, we understand that it’s tempting to head outside after a storm and do your own “diagnosis” of what has occurred. (We’re homeowners too!) This is okay as long as you wait for the inclement weather to pass and do not put yourself in any danger by climbing on ladders or onto rooftops yourself. Simply walk around the perimeter of your home after the storm has passed, and note or, better yet, photograph anything that looks like damage. Our roof assessment team will be able to use your notes and photos as a starting point.

But be sure to avoid the urge to climb ladders and walk on roofs. Much storm damage is invisible to the untrained eye, so there’s no reason to put yourself at risk when our team will be able to do a thorough inspection when they arrive. Be safe, walk the perimeter, and record your observations. Leave the rest to AmeriPro’s experts.

Step 2: Contacting Your Insurer and Filing Insurance Claim*

Notify your insurance company’s claims center and report that there may be wind, hail, or other types of storm damage to your home. Not every insurer will set an adjustment appointment at this time. Frequently, they’ll wait a day or more before calling you back with details. During this phone call, answer any questions truthfully and to the best of your ability but do not go into great detail. You’ll be filling out the insurer’s more detailed written forms later on. The AmeriPro restoration specialist can help you fill out the forms accurately.*

The purpose of this phone call is simply to report “possible” or “obvious” damage to your home and notify the insurance company of the situation, according to your insurance policy. Of course, all policies are different, but in most cases, there is a time limit for reporting damages that runs from 30 to 60 days. If you wait too long, you won’t receive insurance compensation no matter how bad the damage is. Plus, if you want to have your repair work done as soon as possible, it’s best to report the damage on the day it occurs or shortly thereafter.

Step 3: Your Insurer Will Contact You to Set Up an Adjuster Visit

You’ll receive a call from your insurance company for the sole purpose of setting up an “adjuster appointment.” Be certain to set the appointment for a time after your scheduled inspection from the AmeriPro restoration specialist.

Step 4: Contact AmeriPro with Details about the Upcoming Adjuster Visit

Phone us with details about the adjuster visit as soon as your insurance company contacts you with the time and date.

Step 5: You Meet with Your AmeriPro Restoration Specialist

We will perform our inspection, make a detailed estimate, and have you sign a contract choosing us as your designated contractor. In order for us to act as your advocate with the insurance company adjuster, we’ll need to have already performed a complete roof damage inspection and have a contract with you so we can act as your official representative with the insurance company.

This is a crucial step because, without a detailed, professional inspection in hand, your insurer will simply make their own estimates, which often are not based on full replacement costs and/or use pricing estimates based on low-quality materials. But if you have an AmeriPro expert do a full inspection before the insurance adjuster arrives, we can deal with the insurer for you and make sure you get all the necessary work paid for in full before the job starts. That’s the key advantage of having a contract with AmeriPro for insurance-paid roofing work.

Step 6: AmeriPro Restoration Specialist Meets with Your Insurance Adjuster

We’ll be there during the meeting to show our professional inspection report to the insurance adjuster. This is the most effective way to get full reimbursement for the entire restoration project.

Step 7: Meet with AmeriPro Restoration Specialist to Review the Work Schedule

Our restoration specialist will go over, in detail, all the work that the construction team will be performing on your home and answer any questions you have about timing, materials, etc.

Step 8: Receive a Call from the Insurance Company with Last-Minute Questions

It typically takes about two or three weeks after the adjuster appointment before you’ll receive the construction materials at your home. During this interval, it’s possible that you will receive a phone call from your insurer about pertinent details. They might quote you a contract price that does not match what AmeriPro is charging to do the work. Don’t worry if this happens because we will be working with your insurer to make sure that there is a price agreement on the entire scope of repairs before the job begins. In fact, it’s common for insurers to quote lower amounts at first, so don’t let the insurance company’s amount be of concern to you.

Step 9: Receive Notification about the Delivery of Materials

You will receive notification approximately one week before the materials are delivered to your home. Be sure to have enough space cleared and available so the delivery crew can off-load the items.

Step 10: Contact Your AmeriPro Restoration Specialist

As soon as your materials arrive, contact your AmeriPro restoration specialist so we can send out a rep to verify that you have everything necessary for the job. The rep will also pick up your insurance estimate, the first check, and any deductible payment. From this point, we will guide you through each step of the restoration project. Note that we gladly accept all major credit cards as well as cashier’s checks and personal checks but, due to safety concerns are not able to accept cash, for obvious reasons. Work will usually begin just a few days after you receive the delivery of the construction materials.

Remember, your goal in a roof replacement situation is to get the best possible settlement from your insurer and have the work done as soon as possible after the natural disaster or storm causes damage to your property.

*AmeriPro Roofing is a Nationally Certified General Contractor. We do not offer or contract public adjusting services. We work for you to restore your home.