Roofing for New Homeowners: What You Need to Know

2022-08-17T10:59:27-06:00August 15th, 2022|

Congratulations on your new home! We know you probably learned a lot about what to look for when buying a home from your real estate agent and home inspector. However, now that you have purchased a property, please allow us to offer this friendly advice – “Roofing for New Homeowners.”

What’s is Owens Corning’s Platinum Protection Roof Warranty?

2022-08-16T12:01:58-06:00August 1st, 2022|

It’s no secret: the Owens Corning Platinum roof warranty is one of the best in the industry. However, this warranty is only available to an Owens Corning Platinum Roofing Contractor, as this ensures proper installation instructions were followed. Let’s learn about the warranty coverage and how to find a roofing contractor authorized to offer this

Summer Roof Inspection Checklist: Avoid Costly Energy Bills

2022-07-26T13:35:28-06:00July 26th, 2022|

Is it time for your summer roof inspection? There have been remarkable developments in the roofing industry. While homeowners may have previously selected roofing products based solely on the material’s longevity, we can now purchase green roof materials that will lower our heating and cooling bills.

The Most Common Roofing Problems (And How to Fix Them)

2022-03-16T14:45:21-06:00March 16th, 2022|

Even though you may have hired a highly respected professional roofing company for your last roof replacement job, snow and ice damage can wreak havoc on the common roof. Unfortunately, some roof problems are bound to happen if you live in an area with occasional extreme weather. If you are an avid do-it-yourselfer, you might

5 Ways Roofing Helps Reduce Heat in Your Home

2022-07-26T09:26:59-06:00March 3rd, 2022|

Those who live in hot climates are always happy to share their weather reports with their friends who live in cold climates. At least they are during the winter. However, as soon as summer hits and their air conditioning units struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature, they aren’t as quick to brag about their bright,

How to Replace Roof Shingles: 2022 Roof Repair Guide

2022-02-08T13:19:20-06:00February 8th, 2022|

Have you noticed missing shingles on your roof? In the spirit of DIY, you might be tempted to save the roof repair cost by completing the project on your own. While we would like to give you the basic steps of replacing asphalt shingles, we encourage you to reconsider your decision.

Why You Should Hire a Licensed Roofing Contractor

2021-12-16T14:58:58-06:00December 16th, 2021|

Selecting a roofing contractor can be an intimidating process for many homeowners. We understand why. After all, replacing the roof on your house is an expensive process. And, when you hire a roofing company, you are allowing a group of individuals to make major structural renovations to your home, which may be your biggest investment.