Leaking roof repair is not a project for the beginning DIYer. However, if you feel ready to tackle a roof leak repair project on your home, we would like to help.

While describing the entire process of how to repair a roof leak may be beyond the scope of this article, we would like to help you get started on the process by helping you find the location of your leak. You may be surprised to realize it, but finding the leak’s location may take longer than fixing the roof!

Roof Repair Tips: Finding the Location of the Leak

Most of the time, a roof leak makes itself known by drips or ugly ceiling stains. Using this spot as a starting point, access your attic and head to the approximate location where you saw the drip or stain.

Step 1: Access the attic.

While in the attic, you might see tell-tale signs of water leaks –such as water stains, mold, or mildew. Trace the signs of the water leak up the roof and rafters to the entry point. This may be harder than it sounds because the visible signs of a leak may be several feet away from the source of the leak.

If the source of the leak isn’t apparent, you may need to attach your garden hose and grab a buddy who isn’t afraid of heights.

Step 2: Use a hose to mimic heavy rains.

With one person in the attic, have another person bring a hose onto the roof of the house. Carefully begin spraying water just above where the leak is visible inside the house.

If water droplets fail to appear inside the attic, the person on the roof will need to move to the right and the left side to see if the location of the leak can be uncovered. Eventually, you’ll hopefully find the vicinity of the leak. When this happens, you need to notify the person on the roof to mark the location.

This process won’t be fast. In fact, the person with the hose needs to move slowly and methodically. It may take over an hour to find.

Step 3: Look for roof leaks in common places.

If you don’t see any noticeable damage to the roof, it might be helpful to realize where roof leaks often occur.

Cracked Roof Vents

The small pipes that protrude from your roof may be the source of your leak. Roof vents have flashing around them and a rubber boot that helps seal the top of the vent. Over time, either the flashing or boot may become damaged or cracked, resulting in a leak.

Chimney Leaks

Another culprit to consider when trying to find a leak is the area around the chimney. Cracks in the chimney crown and worn flashing are often the causes of leaks around chimneys.

Roof Valleys

A roof valley is an area where two planes of a roof come together. A roof valley must be adequately sealed, or a leak may occur.

Roof Repair Isn’t For Everyone

We hope you were able to find the approximate location for your roof leak and are ready to learn more about how to fix it. However, the process of finding the leak may have caused you to realize that roof repair projects aren’t for everyone – especially when you consider how affordable roof leak repair costs are when hiring professionals.

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