Every homeowner should be aware of common roof problem areas. Don’t wait until water starts pouring through your ceiling to think about this important part of your home’s structure.

Here are some of the most common residential roof problems.

Roof Problem Areas

It’s essential to have your roof regularly inspected. Poor maintenance will lead to a short life expectancy for your roof and possible long-term complications for your foundation.

Here are some common roofing problem areas that need to be checked out by a professional roofing contractor periodically.


Clogged gutters cause problems – not only for your roof but also for the foundation’s structural integrity.

First, make sure your gutters are directing precipitation away from your house. Your downspout must be long enough and at the proper pitch to ensure excess moisture runs away from your foundation. Also, your gutters should be debris-free to ensure the water is constantly flowing. Finally, cracks sometimes develop in the gutter’s seams—these need to be periodically sealed.

Pay attention to how your gutter system handles a downpour. Also, look for standing water near your foundation after heavy rain or water damage in your basement to determine if your gutter system is not functioning properly.

Shingles and Roofing Materials

Over time, shingles curl and develop cracks. In addition, the granules on asphalt shingles eventually wash away, leaving them more likely to absorb moisture, which means water will eventually seep into your attic.

Sometimes signs of damaged roofing material are evident from the ground or a second-story window. If you see a problem during a visual inspection, reach out to a professional contractor and have your roof inspected.

Don’t do this yourself. Walking on your steep-pitched roof would put you in serious danger. Besides, the unnecessary foot traffic will be hard on your shingles.


Flashing is used to seal gaps in valleys, corners, and around protrusions. Metal flashing protects against moisture intrusion – or leaks. Sometimes these pieces become loose. Damaged flashing can cause many issues as it covers some of the most vulnerable areas of a roofing system.

Again, this roofing problem requires the assistance of a professional roofer.

Soffit and Fascia

Fascia is a trim piece that runs horizontally around your roof. It is the front board located right under the roof edge and along the roof line. Not only is this a highly visible element of your home, but it also has a practical purpose as it forms another barrier to outdoor elements.

The soffit is the area underneath the overhanging section of your roof’s eaves. Soffits are essential to attic ventilation, as they help draw moisture and heat out of your home.

Problems with these two crucial roof system parts can cause roofing problems and eventually costly emergency repairs. However, they also need to be periodically inspected and repaired by professionals.

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