If you’re considering a roof replacement for your home or rental property, you’ll be interested in these tips your friends at AmeriPro Roofing have put together. From honest estimating to DIY and insurance claims, read on to discover ways you can save money on roof replacement cost.*

How To Save Money on Roof Replacements

Get an Honest Estimate

To start with, it’s vital to get your estimate for roof replacement in writing from a licensed roofing contractor. Trying to save money by cutting corners and hiring a handyman isn’t the way to go. In fact, many insurance companies won’t cover future damage unless a licensed contractor installed your new roof. In addition to the licensing – make sure that the estimate is detailed and lists everything, including demolition, disposal, materials, labor, and guarantee. When looking for honesty check out reviews.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

Another important thing to check on is if there’s a possibility that your insurance could cover your roof replacement. Have you had any recent unpreventable occurrences like: 

    • Vandalism
    • Fire
    • Falling Trees
    • Natural Disasters

If so, check with your insurance carrier to see if you have coverage for roof replacement

Here are some tips for filing an insurance claim. In the case of coverage, AmeriPro can work with you throughout the process.*

And after a storm, it’s smart to check for damage from strong winds. Make sure you replace any missing or loose shingles right away. That will help your roof last longer, plus by maintaining your roof, you’ll save on utility costs. 

Invest In Quality Roofing Materials

When selecting your materials, focus on quality. Over the long-run, you’ll save money because your roof will last longer, and you’ll have fewer repair costs in the future. Plus, don’t forget to include utility cost savings. Over time you can save a bundle when you choose energy-efficient roofing materials. 

And speaking of materials, ask your contractor if any of your current roofing materials can be reused. If your old roof is made of slate, copper, or aluminum, see if you can sell or recycle the material. And, sometimes gutters don’t need replacing, which can save you money. 

Consider Timing

Depending upon your location and climate, roofers have certain times they are the busiest. In many areas, it’s at the end of the summer and late fall. In other areas, it’s during the winter. When you get your estimate, ask if there are any incentives or off-season discounts. Additionally, sometimes you can get a discount when you schedule right away. 

The other important aspect of timing is not to wait too long. When there’s additional roof damage, it can mean significant repairs to rafters, roof sheeting, or plywood. Another discount tip is that several of the top insurance companies offer discounts for weather-resistant roofs with impact-resistant shingles. 

Consider an Overlay

The cost for roof replacement can be less when you have an overlay. With an overlay, new shingles are installed on top of existing ones. So you’ll save on labor costs and disposal. That might be a good idea if the layers underneath are in good condition, including metalwork, flashing, and decking (sheathing). 

Keep in mind that although an overlay may cost less now – a future replacement would involve more labor since there would be multiple layers to remove. 


If you’re not afraid of heights, you can do some of the work yourself. One of the least complicated things to do is remove the old roofing before the new roof is installed. But keep in mind, demolition can be dangerous. And it isn’t easy – it can be hard on your back. If you’re accustomed to heavy manual labor, it’s something to consider.

You’ll need to rent a dumpster and have the old materials hauled off. If this sounds like a possible option for you, when getting your estimate, ask the roofing contractor how much you would save. Maintaining your roof gutters yourself is another way to save money over the long-term. 

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