If you are a curious person who is in the process of finding a residential roofer to work on your home, you may wonder how roofing shingles are made. 

While each roofing shingle company has a proprietary formula that makes its product unique from its competitors, we would like to give you a general idea of how asphalt roof shingles are made.

How Asphalt Shingles Are Made

Asphalt shingles are made by a “sandwiching” process, completed with large pieces of manufacturing equipment. 

Step 1: The Shingle Membrane

The manufacturing process of a shingle typically begins with a sheet of fiberglass membrane. These sheets usually arrive at the shingle facility on large rolls. 

However, some shingles are manufactured using a membrane made of organic fibers, such as wood chips, cardboard, and paper. This membrane also arrives at the manufacturing facility on a large roll.

No matter what the membrane is made of, it creates a flexible, strong base for the shingle. The membrane also adds weather protection, increased fire resistance, and a longer lifespan to the roofing shingles.

Step 2: Asphalt Layering

During the next step of the shingle-making process, the large sheets of the membrane are covered with hot asphalt. 

Asphalt is a black, thick, sticky semi-solid form of petroleum. The asphalt is added to the shingle in a precise process that increases its weather resistance and durability. Additional ingredients may be added to the asphalt that will increase the shingle’s fire resistance. 

Step 3: Shingle Granules

While the material is still hot, granules are pressed into the asphalt. These granules are often tiny pebbles or crushed stones. The granules come in a variety of colors. Some granules are formulated to resist algae growth, and others are specifically designed to reflect the sun’s heat. 

Another layer is usually added to the shingle to keep the surfaces from sticking together during the packaging process.

Step 4: Packaging

Once the shingle material is manufactured, the sheets are typically cut into a shingle that measures 12 by 36 inches. The roof shingles are then packaged into bundles. Consult the manufacturer to see how many bundles are needed for each square foot of your roof.

Asphalt roofing shingles come in a variety of colors, textures, profiles, and patterns. 

How To Install Roof Shingles

The shingle installation process can be complex, especially since Owens Corning shingles have an entire system designed to defend and seal your home against moisture and protect it from wind gusts, hail, and ice.

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