Prepare Your Home for Winter Storms

Winter storms are a fact of life for many areas of the Country. But no matter where you are – from the Northeast to the Midwest, there are numerous things you can do to help minimize or eliminate the risk of damage to your home from wintry weather – be it routine or severe.

Ensure Your Heating System is in Good Condition and You Have Plenty of Fuel

Having your heating system inspected routinely is something you should do regardless of where you live. But in many areas of the Country, this can be even more important. Having the system checked for leaks, blockages, wear and tear and other issues can save you from costly emergency repairs during or after a winter storm. You should also check your fuel level and make sure you have a sufficient fuel to get you through the storm also factoring the likelihood of increased use during a storm.

Prevent Ice Dams

Have a qualified roofing contractor identify and repair air leaks and inadequate insulation in your home’s attic that could lead to ice dams. When ice dams occur, moisture can cause damage that is costly to repair!

Hit the Roof

Get your roof inspected for any missing or out of place shingles. These areas can allow moisture in and leaks in your home when the snow and ice begins to melt.

Clean the Gutters

When leaves and other debris clog your gutters, water can back up against the house and damage roofing, siding and wood trim, as well as lead to leaks and ice dams.

Divert Water

Water on or near your foundation can cause problems you REALLY don’t want! By adding extensions to your downspouts that lead at least 3-4 feet away from the foundation, you can prevent water damage year round!

Turn Off Exterior Faucets

Undrained water in pipes can freeze, which will cause pipes to burst as the ice expands. Disconnect all garden hoses and drain the water that remains in faucets. Don’t forget any yard or irrigation lines!

Call a Chimney Sweep

For many of us, fireplaces in our home are not just for decoration, but also a source of heat, especially during winter storms. But before you light it up, have the chimney inspected for any debris, build up or even animal nests that could possibly cause a chimney fire!

Restock Winter Essentials

Last but not least, don’t wait for a projected storm to stock up on winter essentials, especially ice melt or shovels. Once a storm is forecast, and right after a storm, supplies on these necessary items are extremely low and they can be difficult to find. This is also a good time to stock up on bottle water, non-perishable food, flashlights and batteries, and extra blankets.

Consider an Emergency Generator

An emergency generator can get your essential home functions back up and running within minutes, keeping you warm, your essential appliances running, and keep your family safe during extended power outages. There are many options today to choose from, and many can be financed with favorable terms.

AmeriPro Roofing can help you prepare your home for winter storms and decrease possible damage. We were just named in Roofing Contractor Magazine as a Top 100 Roofer for 2018! We are proud to be #13 on the list and we believe it’s a testament to our dedication and our customers’ satisfaction! Contact us for a no cost, no obligation consultation today to learn how we can perform many of the items on this list to keep your home winter ready!