Are you looking for an affordable way to refresh or repair the exterior of your home? Vinyl siding may be the perfect material to give your house a cost-effective makeover. With so many colors and styles, vinyl siding is a versatile choice for both protecting the exterior of your home and adding aesthetic value.

Learn more about this popular siding material, including exterior vinyl siding trends, to help you choose your home’s new look.

What Is Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is a sturdy plastic material that wraps the exterior of a house to protect it from the elements and add visual appeal. Made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl siding is used as an alternative to aluminum siding, which can easily become damaged and warped. Today, vinyl siding is engineered for durability and convenience and is a popular choice for homeowners.

The Benefits of Vinyl Siding

You will enjoy many benefits when you choose to side your home with vinyl:

  • It mimics the appearance of wood, making it an affordable alternative to wood siding.
  • It’s easy to install.
  • You won’t have to paint it. The color you choose is part of the material and runs all the way through, so you won’t have to worry about it getting scratched off, abraded or stripped.
  • It requires minimal maintenance.
  • It’s easy to clean — you only need a garden hose or pressure washer for the areas you can’t reach. The smooth surface allows dirt, mold and debris to slide off easily.
  • It’s available in many colors, textures and edge styles, making it a highly customizable option for home siding.
  • It’s resistant to weather, rust and rot.
  • It reflects radiant heat, guarding your home against extreme temperatures and helping you save money on energy bills.

Top Vinyl Siding Trends

Top Vinyl Siding Trends

Here are three trendy ways to incorporate vinyl siding into your home’s exterior.

Vertical Siding

Vinyl siding that runs top-to-bottom has become a popular way to add modern flair to the outside of a house. The length of the siding boards draws the eye upward, creating the illusion of height and sophistication.

Vertical siding is also functional. Rain easily slides down the boards, helping them stay clean and reducing the likelihood of mold.

Dutch Lap Siding

Dutch lap siding is installed horizontally on your home in overlapping rows. It resembles the handmade wood siding of years past, with the top half of each board angled at 45 degrees and the bottom half at 90 degrees. These angles create a striking profile and cast shadows on the home’s exterior for an intricate look.

Dutch lap vinyl siding comes with a smooth finish or a wood-grain texture to suit your aesthetic preferences.

A Combination of Vinyl Siding Styles

If you can’t decide between vertical and horizontal siding, go with both! Combining these styles has become trendy because it allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. You can install horizontal siding on the lower part of your home and vertical siding on the upper part for an innovative appearance.

Top Vinyl Siding Colors

Vinyl siding is available in an assortment of colors. The following shades are trendy for their versatility as well as the positive emotions they inspire.


White vinyl siding is a timeless choice that’s always on trend. There are many shades of white, from stark white to ivory to eggshell and more. White is the perfect base color for the outside of your home because it’s a blank canvas on which you can get creative with other colors. When you opt for white siding, you can choose any color roof you like and play with colorful accents like trim and shutters to create a visual contrast.


Yellow is becoming the go-to siding color for those who want a cheerful, sunny hue on the outside of their homes. Yellow vinyl siding lends curb appeal because it’s eye-catching and the brightness makes your home appear bigger, which is helpful for resale purposes.

If you choose yellow for your vinyl siding, go with neutral-colored accents for a classic look.

Sage Green

Green is an earth tone that can make your home feel connected to nature. Sage green is a trendy choice for home exteriors because it’s more neutral and versatile than brighter greens.

Sage green has gray undertones, making it compatible with a range of colors. Its subtle coolness pairs beautifully with darker-colored windows and doors. You can also pair sage green with red for a rich palette or mix in other earth tones like brown to add to the natural feel. Of course, it plays well with other neutrals like white and gray if you want a traditional, understated look.


Gray is another trendy neutral color for vinyl siding. You can go dramatic with a dark gray shade like charcoal or lighten things up with a soft dove gray.

There are many shades of gray to choose from that pair well with a variety of colors depending on your design preferences. For example, the combination of gray with a bright, punchy color like yellow makes for a stunning contrast. If you want to play up the earthy neutral tones, pair gray with brown or green. For a sleek, modern look, combine gray with black and white accents.


Blue is a calming, soothing shade that people associate with feelings of positivity. It’s a trendy color for vinyl siding because it pairs well with neutrals like white and gray. You can go for a dramatic, sophisticated look with navy vinyl siding or combine robin’s egg blue siding with white accents to emulate the sky.


Brown vinyl siding is a great option if you want a rich, earth-toned exterior. Everything from taupe to chocolate brown looks great with white accents and natural materials like wood and stone.

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