Is it time for your summer roof inspection?

There have been remarkable developments in the roofing industry. While homeowners may have previously selected roofing products based solely on the material’s longevity, we can now purchase green roof materials that will lower our heating and cooling bills.

How the Choice of Roof Materials Can Reduce Your Energy Costs

Metropolitan areas are significantly warmer than their surrounding rural areas. Part of the reason for this “urban heat island” is that traditional roofing materials hold in heat instead of reflecting it.

Commercial roofing companies have combated this urban heat island effect by creating light-colored roofs for industrial buildings. This reduces the surface temperature on flat roofs, enabling business owners to reduce air conditioning costs.

While this is great for commercial building owners, what can be done for homeowners who want a dark-colored energy-efficient roof? Thanks to new research, reflective dark-colored roofing material is now available for residential customers.

Reduce Your Air Conditioning Usage by Using Energy Star Roof Products

The term “green roofs” means different things to different people. One way to obtain a greener roof is to replace your old shingles with new ones with an Energy Star Rating.

To obtain the Energy Star® label, steep-slope roofing materials must have an initial solar reflectance of at least 0.25. Three years after installation, the roofing product must achieve a solar reflectance of 0.15 under normal conditions.

While these numbers may mean little to the average consumer, it may help to explain it this way: using such materials in areas with hot climates may reduce your peak cooling demand by 10% to 15%.

This is exciting news! While such materials may not benefit those living in colder climates looking for relief on their heating bills, it is undoubtedly good news for those with overworked air conditioners residing in areas with rolling blackouts. Giving your heating and cooling system a much-needed break will also reduce maintenance and replacement costs, saving you additional money in the long run.

Schedule Your Summer Roof Inspection on Your Existing Roof

Scheduling a roof inspection should be part of your regular home maintenance checklist. Such periodic reviews of your roof will reduce the likelihood of costly repairs and water damage from leaks.

And if your roof inspector recommends that it is time to replace your roof, ask about how to increase your house’s energy efficiency by purchasing reflective roof products.

Contact Us for a Summer Roof Inspection

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