Those who live in hot climates are always happy to share their weather reports with their friends who live in cold climates. At least they are during the winter.

However, as soon as summer hits and their air conditioning units struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature, they aren’t as quick to brag about their bright, sunny days.

While you may be quick to blame your old air conditioning system for the high air temperatures in your home, instead, you might want to blame your roof. Learn how cool roof products can make you more comfortable.

Here are five ways roofing can help reduce heat in your home.

1) Roof Repair

The first step in lowering your energy consumption is to ensure there’s not a breakdown in your roofing material. A properly-installed roof will create an airtight seal that prevents hot air from entering your home. Plus, proper roof repairs will improve the appearance of your home and help with leak prevention.

2) Roofing Insulation

Adding roof insulation to your existing roof is one of the best ways to save money on heating costs during the winter months. It creates an air pocket between two layers of shingles or tiles, preventing heat from escaping.

Additionally, roofing insulation helps during the summer because the insulation keeps the hot air from making its way inside your home.

In some cases, the Department of Energy will even reimburse you for your cool roof initiative. Visit to learn more about tax credits, rebates, and savings

3) Roof Color

If you live in a warm climate, your roof will be one of the first places to overheat. After all, you are constantly fighting against the direct sunlight that increases your roof’s surface temperature.

You probably learned in middle school science class that dark colors absorb more heat. So it makes sense to apply that fundamental knowledge of heat absorption when choosing your roofing materials’ color.

White roofs have been shown to reduce cooling costs by up to 40% in warm climates because a white roof surface will reflect light. While a white roof may not sound aesthetically pleasing, there are cool roof options available that are both stylish and energy-efficient.

4) Roof Pitch

A steep-sloped roof will last longer and require less maintenance than a flat roof. Additionally, the steeper the roof pitch, the less heat will enter your home, which will improve its energy efficiency. A roofing contractor can help you determine what roof pitch is best for your needs.

5) Cool Roof Coatings

Cool roof coatings are liquid sealants applied to the surface of your roof. It helps to reflect sunlight and keep the heat out, resulting in lowered energy costs.

There are several different types of coatings, including silicone and elastomeric reflective coating. Both will reduce the amount of heat absorbed. Be sure to ask your contractor about the best option!

Increase Your Energy Efficiency By Using One of These Cool Roof Initiatives

If you are concerned about your energy bills and would like to learn more about how to keep your roof cool, contact AmeriPro Roofing. We are happy to discuss how insulation, steep roofs, and other cool roof options will maintain your home’s comfortable air temperature.