When you’re getting ready to sell your house, you most likely have a project list a mile long. Some items are more important than others. And what you put on your list will depend on a few things like if you want to get top dollar or just sell as fast as possible. But in most cases, one of the most essential things on your list is the condition of your roof. The reason for that is that most lenders will not approve a loan on a house with a bad roof – or a roof that doesn’t have very many years left. Read on to find out what your options are.


Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof Before Selling Your House?

Should you repair your roof or do a full replacement? It depends on a few things like how many years does the current roofing have left? If there are more than five years remaining, repairing it is a good option. This is one way you can save money when selling.  

If there are major things wrong with your roof, that could be a red flag when a buyer looks at it. Having a new roof could be the way to go. It could also be a selling point for a buyer because homeowners’ insurance can be less expensive with new roofs. If you have a new roof on the house you’re selling you also have a much better chance of getting top dollar. On the other hand, if there’s life left in your roof, there could just be some necessary repairs like replacing missing shingles or making sure all the vents on the roof are in good shape. It’s also important to make sure that whichever contractor you choose has 24-hour roof repair. You don’t want to be in escrow and have a roof problem with no one to call.

One thing to keep in mind is that anyone looking at your house seriously will most likely have a home inspection, which would include an assessment of the roof. It’s much better as a seller to have a new roof in excellent condition so you can hold the line on your pricing. Plus, when the buyer goes to get a mortgage, there won’t be any problem with the roof’s condition. More loans have fallen through because of bad roofs than almost any other issue.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Gutters Before Selling Your House?

The other thing that a home inspector or potential buyer will look at is the gutters on your home. Nothing looks worse than old rusted out gutters that can’t be repaired. New gutter installation is very quick, and it can make the house look much better. If you’re getting a new roof, go ahead and have new gutters installed. You might think about gutter guards, which can be a selling point to any new buyer. As a seller, making sure your house is in the best condition by repairing anything that needs to be repaired before you put it on the market relieves a lot of stress. Although it takes hard work, it can make the entire selling process go much smoother. Plus, when a seller sees that your home’s roof and gutters are all in top condition, they will most likely trust your entire home is in good shape.

Once in a while, a buyer may not want upgrades done before they purchase your home. This might be the case of a contractor who wants to do the work themselves. So, in that circumstance making the upgrades wouldn’t be the thing to do. You always have to weigh how much things will cost versus what you can get out of the house and how fast you want to move. It all has to do with profits and time.

But no matter what, when you’re getting ready to sell your house you have to know what condition your roof is in. It’s best to have a roof inspection done yourself so that there are no surprises when you’re in escrow. Having a home inspection before you put it on the market tells you what you need to fix, what a buyer might see as a red flag, and any potential issues with your home that would make financing hard to get.

Is The Siding in Good Condition? 

House siding replacement is one of those home improvements that make a substantial difference aesthetically. New siding can change the house’s look and turn a dated, older home into a modern and appealing house. When you’re looking to sell your home it is essential to look at the siding condition.

Any home inspector will be looking for dry rot and damage. If you’re going to have a new roof, new gutters, and siding, have it done simultaneously. That way, the construction crew can be in and out and you can move on to other projects. Those three things can make a substantial differenc