Hanging Christmas Lights

Getting in the holiday spirit? You’re likely looking through stored items to bring out your favorite decorations. When it’s time to hang Christmas lights on your roof, it’s vital you have an idea of how to do so correctly so you can stay safe and see beautiful results.

Here’s how to secure lights with and without gutters.

Hanging Christmas Lights Using Home Gutters

Residential gutters are popular places for holiday lights — these installations sit at the edge of your roof, making it easy to see string lights and decorations from ground level.

The steps below explain how to fasten lights on gutters using clips and zip ties:

  1. Decide where you’ll hang your holiday lights.
  2. Find an outlet and test the lights to ensure they illuminate prior to hanging them up.
  3. Unravel your outdoor lights and attach clips one foot apart from each other.
  4. Set up a ladder and climb to a height wh