Most homeowners perform upkeeping tasks to enhance the look of their homes. These upkeeping tasks include mowing the lawn, trimming bushes and pressure washing the house and driveway. Maintaining your home improves your property’s condition and increases its curb appeal. However, roof maintenance is often overlooked because it can be challenging to determine your roof’s condition from the ground.

Your roof is essential for protecting your home. It keeps the outside from coming in, but if it’s in poor condition, it can’t effectively prevent nature from invading your space. Another reason to keep your roof in good condition is to increase your property’s value. Potential buyers consider your roof when deciding on their offer. Since your roof plays a vital role in selling your property, many homeowners wonder if they should replace their roofs beforehand.

How Much Value Does a New Roof Add to Your Home?

The first thing prospective buyers see is your home’s exterior. Deteriorating roofs can negatively affect your home’s resale value and result in the following:

  • Lower offers: Buyers may subtract the roof replacement cost from their offer.
  • Less or no offers: You may attract fewer buyers if your home isn’t move-in ready.
  • Longer sales process: It may take longer to close on your property because buyers may want to lower the sale price or stipulate that you get a roof repair or replacement before they move in.

A new roof can prevent these negative effects. Additionally, a recent study found that a new asphalt roof increases a home’s value by $17,807 and offers homeowners a 61.1% return on investment.