Case Study:

Quentin Road
Baptist Church

AmeriPro Roofing completed a large re-roofing project for Quentin Road Baptist Church School and Preschool. This job involved many logistical challenges and required specific construction skills that only an experienced roofing and home restoration company could provide.

The Situation

AmeriPro Roofing was hired to remove an old, deteriorated roof and replace it with a brand new one. AmeriPro’s project supervisor Sarah West had worked with the Quentin Road Baptist Preschool many moons ago, and so when the time came to replace their roof, they sought her out for this new project. This in of itself is a testament to the caliber of people that AmeriPro Roofing hires for their teams. When you’re the best at what you do, people often come knocking on your door.

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Church Roofing Replacement Church Roofing Replacement
Church Roofing Replacement Church Roofing Replacement
Church Roofing Replacement Church Roofing Replacement
Church Roofing Replacement Church Roofing Replacement

The Challenge

A recent hail storm had finally put the school/preschool’s 18-year old aging roof out of commission for good. It was damaged beyond repair, and so the school’s administrators decided to file a claim with their insurance company. They needed AmeriPro Roofing to carry out a full inspection to aid with the insurance claim process.*

There were not only five different structures in the school complex but the school’s 700-plus students would be attending school while the work was being carried out. The safety of the school children would need to be of paramount importance.

The school’s insurance company sent out an adjustor who surveyed the roof and provided details of the reimbursement amount. Due to the nature of the structures and extent of damage, AmeriPro Roofing sent a structural engineer to inspect the roof. The inspection was comprehensive, lasting over six hours to inspect the damage from every conceivable angle, providing a full report on what was repairable and what needed replacing.

The level of detail carried out by AmeriPro’s inspection uncovered additional damages that had previously been overlooked by the insurance adjuster which helped the preschool optimize their insurance claim. Like many schools, minimizing operating costs and running on a tight budget are standard operating procedures and so every penny counts towards the bottom line.*

A few other unique challenges on this job included:

  • Replacing a gymnasium roof that was two-stories high which required the use of a super-boom crane to hoist up the materials
  • Working in and around inclement weather and variable climatic temperatures due to it being the end of the fall
  • Timeline considerations and deadlines – required coordinating with the school’s pastor to fit in holiday travel schedules
  • Keeping a constant focus on the safety of the children, school staff and others who were going about their daily lives during the project

The Solution

In addition to the usual safety measures taken for every job, the project team went to extra lengths to protect students, teachers and staff members on the ground and minimize any interruption to their daily lives.

Once work began (while classes were in session), the AmeriPro team placed an extensive network of safety fencing all around the work area and put extra toe-boards around the roof work to prevent falling debris. Workers also enveloped the entire work zone with caution tape.

The construction manager stayed in daily contact with the school administrators to coordinate work schedules with class sessions, recess periods, and student pick-up/drop-off times. For example, no one entered the playground area while there were workers on the roofs. That meant recess times had to be adjusted daily.

AmeriPro Roofing installed a new roof on all five structures using the Owens Corning architectural shingles that carry a 30-year guarantee.

Aerial shot of roofing project for a church

The Result

All work was finished within the expected time frame of two weeks with zero incidents on the job. The client was thrilled with the completed job, and the kids even sent thank-you notes to AmeriPro Roofing for fixing their broken roof. All the work went smoothly from day one because the project supervisor maintained constant communication holding daily briefings with the construction manager to keep everyone in the loop about what was going on. With materials getting delivered and trucks moving in and out, there ended up being a small amount of damage to landscaping for which AmeriPro fully reimbursed the preschool, and everyone was happy!

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