Please understand that no homeowners are excited to repair or replace their roofs. However, your home’s roof is an essential part of the structure of your home. Therefore, whether you choose roof repair or replacement – you need to complete the job before minor roofing problems become major structural damage.

But how do you know if you can get by with roof repairs or need a complete roof replacement? As a licensed roofing contractor, we would like to walk you through this significant financial decision.

Signs You Need a New Roof

Is it time to replace your roof, or can you get by with having your roof repaired? Here are the signs you need a total roof replacement.

The old roof is damaged in several sections.

You might be able to extend your roof’s lifespan if the roof damage is contained to a small portion of the current roof. After all, a skilled contractor using your spare shingles can fix leaks and replace the damaged roofing material.

However, if the roof is leaking in several areas or if you find yourself repeatedly paying to replace “a few shingles,” it might be time to replace the entire roof.

You are concerned about matching roof shingles.

Your home is your castle, and you work hard to enhance its curb appeal. Perhaps you have had a few asphalt shingles replaced in the past. Even though that may have stopped your roof leak, you might not be happy with the patchwork of colors on your roof.

Repairing your roof is no longer cost-effective.

A full roof replacement isn’t cheap, but neither are constant roof repairs. So you may save money in the long run by tearing off an older roof and replacing it with new roofing materials.

Your roof has reached its sell-by date.

Asphalt roofs don’t last forever. In fact, if you can get two decades out of a roofing system in an area with extreme weather or harsh UV rays, consider yourself lucky.

Your roof is not compliant with current building codes.

Did you know that areas often have building codes that limit the number of layers you can add to an old roof? If you already have two layers of shingles on your roof, you might be required to complete an entire roof replacement at the next go-around.

Your home has structural damage.

Your residential roof is an integral part of the structure of your house. If your roof has been ignored for a few years, you might begin to see a warning sign of other minor damage on different parts of the structure. For example, roof failure can lead to wood rot, nail pops inside the home (due to structural movement), damage to the roof deck, or a sagging roof.

Contact AmeriPro Roofing for a Professional Roof Inspection

Roofing contractors aren’t all the same. To find a local roofing company that you can trust, contact AmeriPro Roofing. We have locations all over the United States. Our storm damage roof repair specialists will be happy to complete a quick roof repair project – to take care of a couple of roof leaks or replace missing shingles. However, if repair work doesn’t make sense, you can trust us with partial reroofing or complete roof replacements.

Trust AmeriPro for your roof repair and home restoration needs!